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For Lycia, a brand that has been offering a complete range of personal care products for over 40 years, we worked on the complete restyling and makeover of the website through the identification of a new look & feel and a renewed user experience.
The structure of the site and its contents have been conceived taking into consideration the navigation needs of the products and maintaining the historical positioning of the Brand.


As part of the project, we have also taken care of the SEO strategy of brand positioning for the new website and for all the brand's contents. Our goal: to create an immersive experience in the world of Lycia, by maintaining a sitemap and SEO oriented content.

The project

The project starts from a benchmark on the digital positioning of the brand and digital properties, necessary to outline the SEO strategy, consistent with the objectives required for the restyling of the website. The application of targeted activities to make the website "SEO friendly" concerned the source code, the tags on the page and all the contents, designed to allow easy and quick indexing on search engines.


We have created a website with a navigation structure that facilitates UX, and responds to the SEO needs of indexing. The project also includes the day-by-day management and takes into account the advertising positioning strategy and the production of content on social media.

The website optimization drove to an increase of the organic positioning and the volume of organic traffic. The profiled traffic generated by the application of the SEO strategy led to an increase in + 27% useful contacts, while the traffic from the organic channel increased by + 34%.

Results obtained




Organic visits