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We are a Digital Creative Company Armed with strategy, technology and ideas, we accompany our customers into the future of communications.
Every day, we try to be like what we create. Intuitive, fresh and surprising. We study contexts and gain inspiration from people's behaviour.
To transform brands in the most engaging way possible and allow them to be who they are.

Roberto botto

CEO • Founder

Enrico Chiadò Rana

Chief Creative Officer • Founder

Stefania Nasso

Executive Director

Riccardo Barbazza

Executive Creative Director

Pamela Pelatelli

Head Of Strategy

Daniele De Florio

Head of Social Media

Marco Lopane

Senior Project Manager

Cristian Muraro

Technology Manager

Lorenzo De Masi

Client Director

Luana Domanti

Client Manager

Francesco Annarumma

Client Manager

Giorgia Russo

Account Executive

Luca Rastello

Client Creative Director

Francesca Camboni

Client Creative Director

Marco Rossitto

Senior Digital Art Director

Anna Pascale

Digital Art Director

Andrea Zicolillo

Art Director

Manuela La Vecchia

Art Director

Sabina Loizzo

Social Media Strategist

Beatrice Lupo

Social Media Manager

Milena Salvato

Social Media Manager

Ilaria Carola

Content Manager

Niccolò Dettore

Content Creator

Anna Bussolino

Media Director

Francesco Leogrande

Head of Digital Media

Giuseppe Parrotta

Media Specialist

Daniele Pintaudi

Web & Marketing Specialist

Alessio Brunato

SEO | SEM Specialist