NFT (Non Fungible Tokens).

the kitten, masked
A new opportunity for interaction between companies and users is inaugurated, which provides for the possibility of expanding the sale of products and services into new digital items. With NFTs, brands can create unique digital assets with which to make their storytelling, their initiatives, their relationship with the audience even more attractive and people can purchase exclusive goods with which to enrich their identity, to be used in the universe. virtual but also in the real one. NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) are a new tool that, through blockchain technology, validates the possession of a specific digital asset and certifies the ownership, authenticity and uniqueness of that asset. Be it an artistic product, a rendering of a physical object, an avatar, a 3D image or a portion of virtual "space". They cannot be traded but can be bought, earned or resold by accessing dedicated marketplaces and opening blockchain wallets.

Entering this new world means looking at your brand value in a completely different way, opening up to new communities and new forms of exchange of value. For example, through NFTs it is possible to: increase engagement with customers, create fundraising and crowdfunding campaigns and launch new product collections. It is a constantly evolving reality that offers new opportunities to be seized.

Uniqueness and exclusivity within the reach of brands

We provide creativity, technology and project management to devise strategies that increase the value of brands and allow them to take advantage of NFTs in the context of innovative real & digital brand experiences.