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For SQS we developed a Web 3.0 entry strategy, which sees the brand positioning itself as an “innovator” within the Spatial Metaverse.


The aim of the initiative is to bring SQS into a new communication channel to seize the opportunities offered, in order to offer users an innovative, immersive and engaging information and contact path. A world made up of different thematic environments, which in turn tell the story of the services offered by the brand in a dedicated and engaging way.

The project

We have created a unique and pioneering storytelling for the corporate certification business, thus allowing SQS to fully express its avant-garde spirit and to position itself as the first brand in its sector to have embraced these new worlds and the opportunities they offer. The creative challenge was made even more complex by the subject matter: company certifications, the story of which to date has been linked to traditional forms of communication. Together with SQS, we have set the different types of certifications in five highly personalized and distinct thematic areas, creating a unique and engaging story and a strategic navigation path that accompanies the user in discovering the services offered by the brand. To welcome the user and guide him in his exploration there is also an Avatar dedicated to providing the correct information on SQS and on the path to follow.


The Spatial platform was selected for the project because it allows on the one hand a realistic rendering of 3D environments and, on the other, to implement moments of gamification.

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