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For Cassina, a luxury brand operating in the contemporary furniture sector, we worked to optimize the website and to ensure effective multi-country indexing. For monitoring purposes, we have also created a Data Analysis Dashboard that allows the customer to monitor traffic, engagement and conversion data from the website and other communication channels, in real-time.


From an SEO perspective, in addition to the preliminary audit, during the project we carried out a study of the preliminary competitive scenario to support the launch phase of Cassina's e-commerce. To create the platform structure, we also carried out an in-depth analysis of the brand, its online positioning and the monitoring needs of the Marketing, Trade and Product department, in order to identify and suggest the most significant KPIs with which to feed the Dashboards.

The project

Following the analyses, we identified a priority scale of SEO interventions to be carried out on- and off-page, establishing and following a roadmap of the interventions. The final result was functional for indexing. The analysis Dashboard was instead developed in order to provide the customer with an overview of all the most significant web KPIs for all markets and in a single touchpoint, updated in real time. In addition to the generic overview sections, sections dedicated to individual product categories, e-commerce and various communication channels have been developed, including social channels and digital campaigns, which see their landing on the website, and implement a series of filters in order to be able to promptly analyze even detailed data. To develop the Dashboard, all the customer-owned platforms were analyzed and the tools identified to extrapolate the data and reconcile them, returning them in a simple and clear view. The Dashboard also allows you to export all data in a single click in a ready-to-go document for sharing.


The SEO optimization project ended with a technical and editorial intervention for the replacement and correction of the meta tags, maintaining continuous monitoring of the positioning variations. In addition, the Dashboard has made the customer autonomous in quickly accessing all the web data of his touchpoints and thus maintaining active and continuous monitoring of performance, offering a clear view of the KPIs and real-time consultation.