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Poltrona Frau

The new way to experience design.

We created a Digital Experience for Poltrona Frau, showcasing the 2020 Future Heritage Collection and ColorSphere® – the brand’s colour cataloguing system. It’s the beginning of an immersive digital journey to discover a new way of thinking about furniture and design.


Welcome to the ColorSphere®

With ColorSphere® Poltrona Frau introduces a new way of thinking about colour. A new world criss-crossed by perceptual itineraries based on people’s emotions and sensory impressions. To launch this innovative colour cataloguing system, we created some presentation/launch videos to target the brand’s social media audience.


An invitation to dance with colours

With the dedicated ColorSphere® website you can fully immerse yourself in the Poltrona Frau colour universe. An infinite scroll feature turns the visual story of ColorSphere® into an elegant dance where emotional perception sets the tone. A smooth, continuous movement where colours guide us to the discovery of unexpected and surprising sensorial atmospheres.