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An inspirational approach for contemporary leaders.

For LHH, whose merger with Badenoch+Clark and Spring Professional resulted in a rebranding, we created a new positioning strategy that would consolidate the company as the world’s leading Executive Head Hunting.


Sparks of Knowledge

The challenge is a refresh of the ‘Sparks of Knowledge’ website that follows the new brand’s Tone of Voice and visual identity, capable of always being a source of inspiration for Managers and Executives, and that developes through a collection of unique content such as videos, articles and whitepapers. Following a careful UX and UI analysis, two new sections ‘Eventi’ and ‘Relatori’ were designed in which all contents related to a specific event or speaker can be viewed, thus ensuring optimal usability for users.
Although content is only available via login to further engage contacts from sales and live events, the platform is accessible to all.