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For Attiva, we created the new website with the goal of making product search and selection efficient, adopting cutting-edge, innovative and technological solutions to support professional and private applicators in every challenge.


The Attiva brand, in order to improve and facilitate the applicators' work, decides to carry out a website content and style refresh. Starting from a technical, innovative and functional product range, we designed a layout related to the values that Attiva wants to represent every day. In this sense, the design includes a focus on dynamism, reliability, and above all the consolidated expert-to-expert approach, which reflects the brand's knowledge and competence.

The project

Based on the outcomes of an observant analysis, Bebit developed the UX/UI and content structure of the website, adapting it to the search and consultation habits of the target audience from an expert-to-expert perspective. Analysis, strategy, design and development enabled us to create the new "Create Your Project" tool, in which the brand stands to support the end-user as a real consultant. A project of great ambition, tailored to the needs of industry professionals.


Attiva shows its expertise with a dynamic, practical, and authentic website restyling, following all the brand's defining values. A visual narrative that is able to highlight each product depending on scope, certification, or color choice, thanks to the tools which simplify the selection process as needed.

All SEO activities and continuous monitoring have resulted in a year-on-year increase in keywords placed and a consequent increase in the volume of sessions and new traffic.

Results obtained

+ 32%

Organic traffic

+ 12%

Time spent on site