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See who’s cut from the right cloth.

Reda is among the fine fabrics Italian leaders, they are specialised in pure wool the perfect material to create classic men’s suits. For them we created a video communication project to introduce the s/s 2018 fabrics collection at “Milano Unica” fair.


Wonder lies in the Eyes of the one who looks

This concept guided us through the interpretation of a classic collection in a creative and modern way. The search for a more emotional language and experimenting new solutions for this brand contributed to strengthen Reda’s values such as elegance, heritage, innovation and classical style. This process also helped to create a more suitable social communication.

Reda Video Pills

We started from a single video and then we shot other four. Short video pills, each dedicated to a line of fabrics, revealed to be the perfect content to share on the brand’s social channels. That’s how we created the social strategy.