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One project, many goals.

For Chivas, we came up with a design that enhances the premiumness of the brand, setting it next to that of Manchester United.


A cocktail of cross-channel operations.

To launch the consumption of the product in cocktail form (Chivas Sour), we created the Chivas Sour League: an activation strategy designed for bars and large-scale retail outlets. The operation was carried out jointly with one of the most famous football clubs in the world: Manchester United, also receiver of the coveted final prize.


Instant goal, instant win.

The system we developed in venues was much appreciated for its clarity and speed: Chivas Sour drinkers received a coaster with a code they could enter on their smartphones. A football-themed animation game then appears and decides who wins the prizes at stake.


It's also a team win.

To strengthen the sense of community around the brand, we also developed a collective mode. Using a dedicated advergame, we got the target users to create teams with their friends: the virality of the initiative was then expanded through social networks, and lots of teams were produced. The winner was flown to Manchester to attend a match at United’s legendary Old Trafford ground.